Campus & Infrastructure

Adithys Global School

Campus & Infrastructure

A serene campus with organized smart classrooms, well equipped Math, Science, Computer Lab and Library. We have a spacious Indoor auditorium & a stunning badminton court. The campus also has Basketball, Volleyball and a huge Football ground for outdoor activity.

The campus is completely under cctv surveillance. We monitor and ensure that the campus is always safe & secure. We have developed a parent App for parents to monitor their child's academic performance, location & other financial updates.

Safety & Security

What's New?

Football Court

A proper 5-A-side artificial grass football court

Tennis Court

A full sized tennis court

Outdoor Classroom

Enjoy & learn at our outdoor classrooms

Artist Wall

Dedicated wall for students to post their skills.

AGS Cafeteria

Refresh and relax at cafeteria


Cabana lounges for parents and children

Motivation Pillars

Motivation and growth are the pillars of AGS

GPS & RFID Transport

You can always keep track of your ward's travel

Parenting App

To monitor child's academic performance, etc...